Drive-in Movie Night

Location: Downtown Area

Date: December 9th, 2016

About This Event

In collaboration with the Downtown Freeport Business Association (DFBA), IGBSBB held the third Movie Night on Friday, December 9th 2016. The vintage drive in movie affair attracted scores of movie goers to the centre of the Downtown area, who began arriving almost two hours to showtime, underscoring the level of enthusiasm for the complimentary undertaking.

The night was perfect for the viewing of the movie, Miracle from Heaven, as cars parked with families and couples all spending quality time took advantage of the cold weather and crisp breeze to get comfortable for a movie, which highlights God’s love and miraculous healing of a little girl.  Seating was also made available for residents who wished to view the movie from the big screen placed directly in front of Park -n-Shop for all to see.